Value Standards That Will Ensure You Get PAID!

Customer Service Reps can benefit from our value standards!

Avail Virtual Staffing (Avail) strives to be the leader in providing a quality work-from-home-workforce of dedicated professionals to our partners and clients. Clients who entrust Avail and its agents with their most valuable resource—their loyal customers.  To this end, we focus on attributes that ensure the highest level of service and trust.

  • Professional
  • Accountable
  • Intentional
  • Dynamic

Professionalism is about having high standards.

Professionals demonstrate respect for themselves and others. They are responsible and concerned about timeliness—being on time to training and to work, meeting deadlines, & controlling conversations with customers as well as team members.

They are conscientious about the image they present to the world both privately and professionally. They understand that their the image directly impacts how a customer views the company they are representing.
They are also keenly interested in the quality of their work, the atmosphere in which they work, and the quality of their private and professional lives.

Accountability involves being responsible for your own actions and make right decisions.

Let’s face it, we all make mistakes from time to time. The human tendency is to make excuses or blame-shift. This childlike method of avoiding responsibility robs us of growing and improving.   Accountability isn’t always easy, but it is empowering.   When it relates to a company’s name and reputation, you may find it necessary to even take responsibility for others’ actions, especially when you are the first point of contact.

Having the fortitude to take ownership of the issue can have a tremendous impact on the customer’s perception of the company and the kind of people they hire.   It can be as simple as listening to the issues and saying: “I can see how that could be very frustrating. I apologize for the inconvenience that caused you. Let’s see what we can do to fix this today.”

Accountability is akin to integrity in regard to making decision.   In this respect, it involves conscious decision-making.   Making decisions based on the bigger picture of what’s the right or ethical thing to do rather than on personal gain or quid pro quo.   Accountability is vital to earning trust and gaining responsibility, and is essential to being part of the Avail Team.

Intentionality ensures customer loyalty

Intentional people in a work environment pay attention to the wishes of their clients and the needs of their customers.
To the client, they are aware of their responsibilities and the expectations to meet quality and proficiency standards. They continuously strive to do go above and beyond their personal best by setting the bar slightly higher that last months numbers.
To the customer, they demonstrate courtesy and a genuineness that helps the customer know they are valued. picking up on keywords and restating the problem so they are certain to find the best solution.
Being intentional involves actively listening to customers with the intent of hearing their need, picking up on keywords, and restating the problem so they are certain to find the best solutions ensuring the customers’ expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Dynamic people bring their A-game to work everyday.

The word dynamic is from the same word from which we get dynamite. It has to do with energy and having a positive attitude. Dynamic people are energetic, engaging, and exhibit a certain quality that makes working with them easy and enjoyable.

Have you have ever experienced less-than enthusiastic customer service? You can tell when someone in a store really doesn’t want to do their job or help you. Your customers can pick up on your energy, or lack there of, too.

Even by phone, a smile can be perceived by the person on the other end. Lackluster, bored, distracted, uncaring attitudes tend to cause people to rethink who to whom they give their business. Bringing your dynamic self with you to work, will ensure people want to interact with you and continue doing business in the hopes of getting you back on the phone.

Think you have what it takes to be a P.A.I.D. team member?  Join our team and start getting paid for working from home!

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